ATEX - Your gateway to Cuba

General Information

ATEX is the official trademark of Golub International GmbH. The focus of ATEX lies in the export of high quality Austrian products to Cuba and the structuring of joint ventures in cooperation with the competent Cuban authorities.
ATEX was founded to assist Austrian manufacturers and investors to explore the Cuban market and create synergies among its clients in order to successfully establish long term relationships with Cuban partners. Looking back at more than 3 years of experience, ATEX is well known at the Cuban key ministries and import agencies and therefore well prepared to evaluate and realize its clients’ export possibilities.



In 2006 David Kubes and Thomas Passeyrer started their first export project to Cuba by providing legal consultancy to one of their clients. In the process of finalizing and structuring the project, it turned out that there was a lot more than legal consultancy required in order to successfully explore the Cuban market. In 2007 David Kubes and Thomas Passeyrer therefore expanded their legal services to general business consultancy and consolidated their legal knowledge and their general business experience with the Cuban market in one single company, Golub International GmbH, to support potential investors and trading partners in their entry into the Cuban market under the logo ATEX.


In the beginning of 2011 the trademark ATEX became part of Golub International GmbH, 50% of which belong to Dr. Kubes, the other 50% to MMag. Passeyrer, LLM. Starting in December 2010 it also obtained the necessary licenses required for export-related business in Cuba. Ever since, Golub International GmbH has offered a wide range of comprehensive services to its clients, both private and corporate, to successfully enter the Cuban market. Since 2009, Golub International GmbH also relies on two well-connected and experienced staff members in Havanna, Cuba in order to serve its customers at a local level.