From the Heart of Europe to the World

Austria – small country with impressive export rates

Given the country’s relatively small size the Austrian industrial sector and business owners soon realized their need to expand abroad. For the past decades Austria has gradually emerged as one of the leading export nations in the European Union. With an export rate well above 38% in 2010 it was amongst the Top10 EU member states, only to increase its export rate to a staggering 40,5% in 2011 which, again, helped preserve its competitive standing amongst its EU peers. Besides its main export partners in the U.S. and the EU, the Latin American market has been identified as one of the most promising market places by Austrian exporters.


It is their long-standing expertise coupled with a strong market presence and often turned leader on an international level which distinguishes the Austrian companies represented by Golub International GmbH. Traditional construction materials produced in the most technically advanced manner as well as high-tech motorbikes and modern agricultural machinery form part of the company’s product range offered.

3 Sectors for Success