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The Cuban government is constantly developing projects and investment possibilities for foreign investors in various areas such as tourism, energy, civil construction and oil extraction and processing.


Since 2004, the government emphasis has set a focus on renewable energy projects, especially on the construction of biomass power plants based on the integral utilization of the sugar cane plantations.


The focus of projects in investment possibilities supported by ATEX lies in the renewable energy sector and steals construction work. Furthermore investment possibilities for hotel operators management and oil refineries exist.


As a general rule for project negotiations, the Cuban government has established a rate of 51:49 for foreign/national investors for investment projects. The final decisions on potential investment are taken by mutual agreements among the parties. The economic and financial indicators for potential projects are calculated based on the taken agreements.


ATEX assists its clients in finding the proper project, evaluating the possible investment and negotiating the details of the joint venture offered by the Cuban government by using its long term experience with successful joint ventures established in Cuba.