Golub Art & Design Space

Art connects continents

When in 2007 the first young Cuban Artist exhibits his works at the gallery, Ina Golub decides to dedicate her time to promote specifically Cuban artists. Since 2008, the particular focus of the gallery has been put on ‘arte cubano’ in close cooperation with the Embassy of Cuba in Austria.  This cooperation between the trademark Atex and the gallery’s work originated from detailed project preparations in both countries as the great potential for cooperation become more and more apparent. Since 2009 the two branches have been united within the framework of Gulub International GmbH.


After her death in 2011, it was Ina Golub’s nephew David Kubes who took on the gallery’s agendas to continue promoting the Cuban art in Austria. The same year the signing of a contract of cooperation with the Cuban gallery Genesis took places and plans for four international exhibitions per year featuring Cuban artists kicked off.