Golub Foundation for Cuba

Since it is now also possible for foreign students to work, grant-holders will be able to complete an internship in one of our partners’ and sponsors’ enterprises.


Program structure


The program consists of three phases:

  1. Selection of studies to be pursued; obtaining the necessary documents in Cuba
  2. Orientation and participation in a 3 month German language course in Austria
  3. Studies in Austria

 After the studies to be pursued have been selected we support grant-holders in Cuba with the preparation of the documents needed for registration at the University of Vienna. After these documents have been compiled, grant-holders are required to participate in a 3 month orientation stay in Austria in order to take German classes and get acquainted to Austrian traditions and culture. During this stay grant-holders finalize their decision regarding their studies with the support of Austrian volunteers who will also help them with registration procedures at the University of Vienna and eventual preparatory classes. At the end of the stay grant-holders will receive their admission notice, which then allows them to apply for the granting of a residence permit in Austria. The handling of this application normally takes between six to nine months. After the application has been approved grant-holders will return to Austria to start their first semester just in time. Any grant-holder whose (language) skills are deemed not sufficient will be registered as non-degree students and attend university training courses to either complete their German language knowledge or pass supplementary examinations.


Financial Details - Scholarship


Monthly Stipend

The grant-holders will receive a monthly stipend provided in cooperation with well-known Austrian companies over the duration of their stay.


Minor employment

Besides their studies, grant-holders are required to pursue a minor employment to the extent of 10 hours per week starting the third month of their stay.  Austrian volunteers will support grant-holders in finding such an employment, which depending on individual skills may be combined with a regular internship in one of the sponsors’ enterprises.

Compulsory internhsip

Apart from the required minor employment, all grant-holders are to complete a 3 month internship in their second study section.


Selection criteria

Successful candidates are required to fulfill the following selection criteria:

  • Cuban citizenship
  • Age limit: 25 years
  • Outstanding school success
  • Extracurricular activities in Cuba
  • Sufficient justification of studies to be pursued
  • Career goals
  • Other personal qualifications and interests
  • Completed application forms

Application forms

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Verification of completion of 12th grade (High school)
  • Verification of admission at Cuban university
  • Verification of admission to studies to be pursued in Cuba
  • Letter of motivation
  • Two letters of recommendation from professors or former employers
  • Certificate of successful completion of German course A1 in Cuba
  • Valid passport
  • Extract from judicial records